• SLOPE Project

    Integrated proceSsing and controL systems fOr sustainable forest Production in mountain arEas
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SLOPE @ Cesium Showroom page

Fondazione GraphiTech is proud to announce that the SLOPE project and 3D harvesting planner have just been featured on the Cesium Showroom page.

Cesium is an open source, JavaScript library for creating fast 3D maps in a web browser without the use of plug-ins. It is a cross-platform virtual globe for dynamic data visualisation, and uses WebGL for hardware-accelerated graphics. 

SLOPE project @ FORMEC 2015

The 48th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization (FORMEC 2015) took place in Linz, Austria, from 4-8 October 2015. The event gathered researchers, practitioners and government officials from different countries to share state-of-the-art knowledge of harvesting operations, with a focus on steep terrain.

On 6 October 2015, SLOPE partners gave four presentations showing the first results of the SLOPE project:

  • Evaluation of RFID UHF tags for electronic marking of standing trees (Gianni Picchi, Martin Kühmaier, Juan De Dios Diaz);
  • Survival test of RFID UHF tags in timber harvesting operations (Gianni Picchi, Martin Kühmaier, Juan De Dios Diaz);
  • SLOPE, a 3D forest virtual system to support harvesting operations in mountain areas (Daniele Magliocchetti, Federico Prandi, Giulio Panizzoni, Davide Lotto, Raffaele De Amicis);
  • Real-time managing of timber and biomass procurement, harvesting and supply based on multiple end-users demands in mountain forests (Seppo Huurinainen).

Formec 2015

Mapping Alpine Forestry

On 5 October 2015, aerial survey in RGB and multispectral imagery of over 400 hectares of Alpine Forestry in the Austrian Alps was successfully captured on behalf of the SLOPE Consortium.

SLOPE Annaberg Austria 1

SLOPE WP4 technical meeting

The SLOPE WP4 technical meeting between BOKU, CNR and GraphiTech on the development of the sensor technology for the processor head took successfully place at CNR Ivalsa premises in San Michele all'Adige, Italy.

The partners clearly defined the final working steps needed to come up with algorithms and the implementation of sensors on the processor head. Hereby Dr. Jakub Sandak presented a prototype of the sensor arm.

BOKU CNR Graphitech meeting San Michele Sep 2015 2