• SLOPE Project

    Integrated proceSsing and controL systems fOr sustainable forest Production in mountain arEas
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The Project Website Online

We are proud to announce the deployment of the first draft of the official project website. The platform will be the container of all contents, results and activities related to the SLOPE project.

Kick-Off Meeting

SLOPE consortium held a kick-off meeting on 8th and 9th January 2014. The meeting was held in Trento, the coordinator partner's hometown, in front of the magnificent view of the Trentino Alps: the scenario of fundamental demonstration activities of the project.

Consortium discussed in a close-knit and friendly atmosphere the entire project as well as awareness, networking and disseminations plans. In accordance with the agenda, project coordinator, Raffaele De Amicis, addressed a word of welcome to all participants, stressing the main objectives of the meeting. Next, the partners introduced themselves and their interest in the project. In the last session of the first day and in the second day the WP leaders gave an overview of the different Work Packages.

The 2-day meeting offered particularly numerous opportunities to the partners to analyse and discuss on the future project activities and on the strategic exploitation visions.



>> Kick-Off Meeting Agenda

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