• SLOPE Project

    Integrated proceSsing and controL systems fOr sustainable forest Production in mountain arEas
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WP 1

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Definition of requirements and system analysis

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The objectives of WP1 are to:

  • Identify the targeted users and specifically their needs and requirements.
  • Define state of the art processes for planning, managing and assessing harvesting operations and supply chains in mountainous areas.
  • Define a comprehensive set of information to support the implementation of more timely decisions, and improve the quality of decisions.
  • Detail the data and metadata model covering the use of SLOPE.
  • Define the hardware, equipment, sensors and mobile devices to be used.
  • Define the HMI requirements, especially for the on-field devices and machines.
  • Define and document the system architecture to be used.
  • Define the project technicalities and technical requirements such as use case special conditions (i.e. system failures, interdependencies, interfaces etc.).

The work under WP1 will result in specifications, user requirements, and guiding models to be used in the design and development tasks of WP2-WP3-WP4-WP5. End users and SMEs will be the leading actors supported by the scientific and technical expertise of the rest of the consortium.


Tasks Task Name Leader
T.1.1 Users and System requirements ITENE
T.1.2 Hardware and equipment definition GRAPHITECH
T.1.3 HMI definition GRAPHITECH
T.1.4 Mountainous Forest inventory data model definition CNR
T.1.5 System architecture MHG
T.1.6 Scientific coordination GRAPHITECH