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    Integrated proceSsing and controL systems fOr sustainable forest Production in mountain arEas
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WP 3

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Integration of novel intelligent harvesting systems operating in mountain areas

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The objective of WP3 is to set up the machines and tools required to create an intelligent interaction among all the operators involved in forest harvesting in steep terrain. From the phase of tree marking to the final operations of processing, piling, loading and delivery of timber and biomass, the information generated in WP2 will be linked to the single product unit (whole tree, logs) by mean of barcodes and RFID tags (data carriers). Along the production chain, quality and quantity data will be added by a number of sensors and included in data carriers as well as transmitted to a central data server. Data transmission to the central server/cloud will be accomplished in real time by each machine independently. A dual GPRS and Satellite communications system will be used to keep the data moving real time from the harvester. Additionally, a black-box system, ideally located in the vehicle used for commutes the operators, will also store the produced data. In case of missing GPRS/UMTS coverage, the black-box will transmit the daily data as soon as it reaches an area with sufficient coverage.


Tasks Task Name Leader
T.3.1 Intelligent tree marking CNR
T.3.2 Intelligent tree felling/hauling COMPOLAB
T.3.3 Intelligent cable crane GREIFENBERG
T.3.4 Intelligent processor head COMPOLAB
T.3.5 Intelligent transport truck ITENE
T.3.6 Data management back-up CNR
T.3.7 Scientific coordination GRAPHITECH