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    Integrated proceSsing and controL systems fOr sustainable forest Production in mountain arEas
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WP 5

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Forest information system development

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The objective of WP5 is the development of a mountain forest information system (FIS), which integrates the different data sources for the standing stock and the stock being harvested, and provides near real time access to this information. The information system will provide tools for using this data for different stages of planning, as well as in control and management of on-going operations.

The work related to the forest information system development will be based on the concept of an online enterprise resource planning system (ERP) that will provide access to the information for different kind of users, such as planners, logistic operators, brokers, end-users, and forest owners. Particular emphasis will be placed on the usability and scalability issues, so that non-expert users are able to utilize and join the system. Three types of models will be implemented to optimize and develop recommendations and guidelines for short term, mid-long term and contingency planning.

Although all models feed on similar information gathered and integrated through WP2, WP3 and WP4, the needs and objectives of each case are specific and therefore the model design and working conditions will be different.


Tasks Task Name Leader
T.5.1 Database to support novel inventory data content MHG
T.5.2 Platform for near real time control of operations TREEMETRICS
T.5.3 Online purchasing/invoicing of industrial timber and biomass MHG
T.5.4 Short-term optimization: operational, ongoing and contingency planning BOKU
T.5.5 Mid-long term optimization; strategic and tactical planning MHG
T.5.6 Scientific coordination GRAPHITECH