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    Integrated proceSsing and controL systems fOr sustainable forest Production in mountain arEas
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WP 8

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Openness with other activities, dissemination and exploitation of results

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The first aim of this work package is to achieve the widest dissemination of the technical results of the project within the membership of the consortium, the scientific community and, more important, within the European forestry and agricultural sector. In order to achieve this aim, the following objectives will are proposed:

  • Disseminate the SLOPE results broadly among stakeholders of the whole production process.
  • Ensure the visibility of SLOPE activities and results, and maximize its utilisation by the European forestry and agricultural industry (including machinery and software solutions).
  • Ensure follow up on results by the industry to create new economic activity.

Only dissemination activities necessary and related to the project may receive funding under this WP. On the other hand, a second big aim has been established in this work package: develop a committed exploitation plan in order to ensure a proper and fair exploitation of the project results, however no actual commercial exploitation and any concrete preparation thereof, as well as related activities (e.g. marketing) will be reported in this work package and under the project SLOPE in general as these activities are not eligible for EU funding.


Tasks Task Name Leader
T.8.1 Dissemination planning and publication of results ITENE
T.8.2 Exploitation, business planning and IPR & licensing policies MHG
T.8.3 Contribution to standardization CNR
T.8.4 Industrial Advisory Board MHG